Reg.No.1077  Date.4/9/1996

Confederation of Residents Welfare Associations

Community Center, Sec-15, Faridabad

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It is important to hold meetings from time to time for effective and smooth functioning of any forum where members interact with each other and discuss various issues in depth to reach out to a solution.

Confederation is a federation of several Residents Welfare Associations of the city and has 15 elected members in the Governing Body and 70 RWAs which constitute the General Body (whose members keep increasing or decreasing from time to time). General Body members comprise RWAs from Sec-37 to Sec-4R on the eastern side and Sec-46 to Sec-55 including NIT on the western side of Mathura Road.

Fifteen elected members of governing body are members of different RWAs and the formation of Governing body is such that the whole city is represented by the 7 Zonal Secretaries.

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