Reg.No.1077  Date.4/9/1996

Confederation of Residents Welfare Associations

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Confederation has been holding events from time to time in the form of mass contract programs, awareness drives and pad yatras, to create civic sense, to spread awareness for Water Conservation and Rainwater Harvesting, Eco-friendly celebration of Indian festivals, environmental improvement. To create sustained interest about the operationalization of the 74th amendment of the constitution, to promote judies use of RTI Act to bring transparency and efficiency in the system.

People today are so driven towards their personal goals that they are least concerned about the fellow city dwellers. The current state of acute shortage of water, for example, is disheartening. And to some extent we have no one to blame but ourselves for this condition. It is easy to pin everything on the government, but people must first question themselves. Roads are not dirty because nobody cleaned it, but because somebody dirtied it in the first place. And such dirt and grime is not acceptable to anybody; it exists only because everybody does it.

These are some of the key issues on which Confederation has been focusing and holding events from to time to improve the quality of life of citizens.

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