Reg.No.1077  Date.4/9/1996

Confederation of Residents Welfare Associations

Community Center, Sec-15, Faridabad

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About Us

Providing basic services to the residents is primarily the responsibility of the local bodies. The availability, accessibility, quality and adequacy of basic services are in deficit. Access to basic services is a distant dream for many citizens, particularly, even for the residents of the planned sectors. One of the important reasons for such ineffective and non-responsive service is the lack of transparency and accountability in the local governance bodies. While our civic problems have been increasing, civic agencies are functioning in tardy and slow manner. In view of deplorable civic conditions prevailing in the city, Confederation has indeed an onerous and diverse responsibility on one hand and the challenging one too, on the other.

Confederation is focusing on the most crucial civic issues plugging the city and water is one of the main foci of our program. Confederation has been carrying on awareness drives for conservation of water and implementation of Rain Water Harvesting, awareness campaigns about the Right to Information Act and how it can be used to make local bodies accountable and transparent. We feel that involvement of citizens is a must to desist people from using plastic bags, fire crackers and littering at public places. Our approach to this has been persuasion and not coercion.

Confederation has been holding annual gatherings of its Residents Welfare Association members and the best RWAs which show their best are honored. Confederation has been championing for the participation of common man in governance since the participation of citizens is very important for any successes of scheme.

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