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About Faridabad District

Haryana as a state was created on 1st November 1966.

Faridabad district was carved out from erstwhile Gurgaon district on 15 August, 1979. Faridabad district is one of the 21 districts in Haryana, and Faridabad city is the district headquarters. Delhi-Mathura National Highway No.2 (Shershah Suri Marg) passes through the centre of the District. Faridabad district occupies an area of 2151 kmē and has a population of 2,193,276 (2001 census). The city is named after its founder, Sheikh Farid, the treasurer of Jahangir. It is most densely populated district of the state. Its density (as per 2001 census) is 1020 persons per sq km against 372 persons per sq km in the state.

Faridabad was one of the leading industrial cities of Haryana, a popular choice for setting up industry due to its proximity to Delhi and its location on the Delhi - Mathura road. Much before the advent of Gurgaon as the poster boy for industrial development in Haryana, Faridabad was the favorite destination of Industries. However, in recent times it has fallen much behind the neighboring towns o Noida and Gurgaon in attracting new industry. The IT revolution has completely bypassed Faridabad, opting for the cities of Noida or Gurgaon instead due to government apathy and due to the rising levels of pollution and congestion in the city.

Faridabad district is about 25 km from Delhi and is bounded by Delhi on its north, Gurgaon on its west, Uttar Pradesh on its east and south. Yaumana River separates the district's boundary on eastern side with U.P. Badhkal Lake tourist complex, Suraj Kund tourist complex, Aravali Golf Club and Raja Nahar Singh Palace are famous tourist spots of Faridabad district. Faridabad is well connected by Rai and Road. Railway line of Northern and North-Central passes through the district.

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